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Here is a collection of Halloween articles to inspire your Halloween spirit.

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General Halloween Articles

The History of Halloween - An article on the history of Halloween, Trick-or-Treating, and pumpkin carving.

How to Take Professional Halloween Pictures - Tips on taking the best pictures of your haunt. This article covers important aspects such as the right lighting, camera settings, and professional tips.

Weird Ghost Stories - A collection of unusual ghost stories!

Halloween Safety for Kids - Here are some safety tips that every child should follow while still being able to enjoy the fun and fright of Halloween night.

Halloween Safety for Adults - We usually think about the kids when we’re talking about Halloween safety, but adults need to be just as careful when it comes to celebrating the scariest night of the year! 

Halloween Safety for Pets - Halloween can be a frightening and confusing night for pets because there are things going on around them that are not normal.  Keep the following tips in mind when preparing for your Halloween celebrations.

Find Real Haunted Houses - If you love Halloween, then you love to be scared and if you love to be scared, then you’ll love visiting some of the country’s most haunted and most famous places this coming Halloween.

Classic Monsters of Halloween - When it comes to Halloween, the classic monsters still send chills up the spines of children and adults alike.

Costume Articles

Online Costume Store Reviews - Here is a review of online stores that carry Halloween costumes.

How to Buy a Costume Online - Follow these guidelines to finding a costume among the thousands available online.

Sexy Halloween Costumes - A sexy Halloween costume is the perfect adult escape. As a little girl, you looked forward to Halloween all year long so you could show the world your inner princess, fairy, or cheerleader. The best part of Halloween was the fact that you could become anyone you wanted to be, even if it was only for one night. 

Halloween Costumes for your Dog - Do you look for any occasion to dress your precious little puppies up in adorable little dog costumes? Well, than Halloween is just the holiday for you!

Cute Baby Halloween Costumes - There’s nothing cuter than dressing your baby up for Halloween.  There are so many adorable and fun Halloween costumes for babies today that it might be hard to choose just one.

Pumpkin and Carving Articles

How to Carve the Perfect Pumpkin - This article walks you through the complete process from selecting a pumpkin to carving an awesome masterpiece.

Free Pumpkin Carving Stencils - A collection of stencils to carve the perfect Jack O'Lantern and inspire your Halloween spirit.

Amazing Pumpkin Facts - Things you never knew about pumpkins!

Creamy Custard Pumpkin Pie Recipe - It’s Halloween and you’re having some friends over for a few tricks and a couple of tasty treats. What if you could prepare a delicious homemade pumpkin pie in practically the same about of time it would take you to drop that lump of pumpkin pie filling into that crust? 

Roasted Pumpkin Seed Recipes - Roasted pumpkin seeds are easy to make, taste great, and are filled with lots of protein and fiber. 

How to Make Delicious Pumpkin Muffins - Preparing freshly made pumpkin muffins is a terrific way to warm your loved ones’ bellies before they head out into the cold, crisp autumn air.

How to Make the Perfect Pumpkin Soup - Making a fresh pumpkin soup for any Halloween or autumn meal will really impress your family and friends this time of year. 

Halloween Party Articles

Four Great Halloween Party Themes - Having a theme for your Halloween party is a great way to set the mood for your guests and to make it memorable for years to come. To truly set your Halloween apart from the rest, try some of these strange and unusual Halloween party theme ideas to really wow your guests.

Halloween Party Ideas for Kids - A kids Halloween party just isn’t complete without some fun Halloween party games.  Whether you’re entertaining five or twenty-five kids, these Halloween party games will keep your little ghosts and goblins plenty entertained until the witching hour. 

Have a Pirate-Themed Halloween Costume Party - With the great success of the Pirates of the Caribbean movies, pirates are all the rage these days. For children and adults alike, everyone loves to throw on a pair of boots, an eye patch, and a stuffed parrot, and shout Shiver me Timbers at the top of their lungs!

3 Scary but Easy Halloween Recipes - A collection of Halloween recipes that will add to your party.

7 Frightfully Fun Ideas for a Kids’ Halloween Party - We’ve put together seven fun ideas to help you and your child create a super scary yet exciting Halloween party.

7 Tricks to Make Your Adult Halloween Party a Real Treat - Here are seven sure-fire ways to make sure you throw a party that will be remembered by your guests for many years to come.

10 Steps For Planning A Halloween Party - Here are 10 steps to help you in planning a great Halloween Party that will have all those ghosts, wicked witches and grim goblins screaming with delight.

Halloween Safety for Parties - Whether you’re throwing a Halloween party for the kids or a Halloween party for adults, a few basic safety tips should be followed to make sure everyone stays both entertained and safe.

Halloween Project and Craft Articles

Creating a Haunted House - This article describes how to create the various scares inside a haunted house.

How To Create a Scary Halloween Graveyard - There’s just something about an old and creepy graveyard that sends chills up the spine of even the toughest, manliest of men. Perhaps it’s how the aging tombstones start to lean and crack over time, or the overgrowth of vegetation that never seems to turn green, or maybe it’s just all those dead people! 

Halloween Crafts for Small Kids to Make - Kids love Halloween and kids love making crafts, so why not combine the two and make some Halloween crafts together? 

Halloween Crafts for Older Kids to Make - Halloween is fun for kids of all ages, so older kids will definitely enjoy making some of these Halloween crafts.  These Halloween crafts are for kids who are past the construction paper, non-cut scissors, and popsicle stick crafting stages, but still want to create fun and easy-to-make Halloween crafts.

How to Make Halloween Tombstone Setup Fast and Easy - Tombstones are the mainstay of any outdoor Halloween display. Setting up your display shouldn't take a lot of time. This article shows how to make them quick and easy to set up and take down.

Halloween Decoration Articles

Halloween Decoration Store Reviews - A review of online stores that carry Halloween decorations and Props.

Not So Deadly Decorating Tips for Halloween - Decorating tips to enhance any Halloween party.

Halloween Decorations for Your Table - Whether you’re having a Halloween party for six or sixty, you’ll want your Halloween table decorations to really set the mood for the evening. 

Learn about Fog Machines - Knowing the basics of a fog machine and the different types of effects you can create will help you to make your next Halloween the best one yet. 

Fog Machine Safety - Make sure you keep Halloween safe by following some of these simple fog machine safety rules.

Halloween Movie Articles

The 13 Scariest Movies - Everybody has their own favorite scary movie, and there is no definitive list. But here is a selection of movies that seem to be on everyone's list.

Classic Horror Movies - Whether you like old school monster movies, a psychological thriller, or have a taste for gore, you’ll enjoy watching these classic horror flicks on Halloween night because fright never gets old.

Five Halloween Movies for Small Kids - Here are a bunch of great Halloween themed movies that will put your smaller children in the mood for trick-or-treating without frightening them too much!

Halloween Movies for Tweens - These Halloween movies should be appropriate and enjoyable for most children between the ages of 7 and 12. 

Scary Television Shows - If you’re a Halloween, horror, or sci-fi fanatic then your DVD collection just isn’t complete without these spooky and scary series that will never cease to entertain and frighten you at the same time.

Scary Zombie Movies - Zombie movies are the cornerstone of classic Halloween horror flicks.  With their moaning slow movements and insatiable appetite for brains, zombie movies are a must watch choice to enjoy some Halloween night fright.

Three Disturbing Halloween Movies - These films will scare, entertain, and affect you more deeply than you thought was possible, so get the popcorn and curl up for a disturbing night of frightening Halloween fun and fantasy.