Halloween Safety for Your Pets

While you might think Halloween is the greatest holiday ever (because it is), your pets may not agree with you.  Halloween can be a frightening and confusing night for pets because there are things going on around them that are not normal.  So, in order to make Halloween as enjoyable and stress-free for your pets as possible, please keep the following tips in mind when preparing for your Halloween celebrations.

  Ghost Stories

Pet Costumes: 

While there’s nothing cuter than a Halloween costume on your precious pooch or cuddly kitten, they might not be as enamored with it as you are.  Just make sure your pets are kept safe no matter what kind of costume you might put on them.  Make sure nothing can cause them to be caught and strangled by things tied around their necks and be careful not to put anything over their eyes.  Maybe your pet enjoys dressing up as much as you do, but just make sure they look scary without actually frightening them in the process.

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Candy Tips: 

Candy is dandy, but not for your dogs and cats because that Halloween chocolate can be very dangerous for your precious pets to eat.  While they may be licking their lips while watching you pop your Halloween candy bounty in your mouth, you should never give dogs or cats these tasty treats.  Dogs and cats both can suffer from chocolate toxicity which can cause nervousness, vomiting, spasms, seizures, and even death if given even a small amount of chocolate.  Instead, let your dog or cat enjoy the fun of Halloween, but just with treats that are more suitable for them, like skeleton bones and catnip rats!  Also make sure to pick up any Halloween candy wrappers that might be left lying around after a night of Halloween trick-or-treating.  In addition to the chocolate that may remain on the wrappers, they might try to eat the foil or plastic as well, which can become stuck inside their digestive tracts.  Talk about scary!

Fire Tips: 

Pets love to explore and investigate new objects and surroundings, but they usually don’t understand the dangers that can come with those new, exciting Halloween objects.  When decorating your house with spooky candles or lighting your Halloween pumpkins, make sure to keep them out of the reach of your pets.  Dogs and cats can easily knock these things over with their tails or hurt themselves while investigating them.  Keep lit candles out of your pets’ reach so they don’t hurt themselves or burn down your house just by being curious.


Pets are easily unsettled, so having the doorbell ringing every five minutes can cause extra levels of stress for pets who don’t understand what all that Halloween excitement means.  They can also easily slip through the front door and get out with every trick-or-treater that rings the bell.  So, do them and yourself a favor and keep your pets contained in a separate room while the Halloween festivities unfold.

Outdoor Dangers: 

We’ve all heard the stories of animal cruelty on Halloween night by malevolent tricksters, so don’t put your pet in a position for it to become injured.  With all the excitement of trick-or-treating, pets can easily become nervous and run off, so make sure they are inside or kept in a secure environment where others can’t taunt or harm them.  Many tales have been told about black cats being used for Halloween sacrifices and even some pet agencies halt black cat adoptions in the weeks before Halloween as a precaution.  Whether these stories are true or not, your black, white, or calico cat should not be left outside and put in the position to have to defend itself from cruel children or other Halloween horrors.