Three Disturbing Halloween Movies

Some movies are just plain spooky and so disturbing that you think about them for days or even years to come.  These movies seem to stick with you for some reason, long after the credits have rolled.  Perfect for a Halloween movie night!  These films will scare, entertain, and affect you more deeply than you thought was possible, so get the popcorn and curl up for a disturbing night of frightening Halloween fun and fantasy.

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Three Disturbing Halloween Movies

  1. The Cube (Rated R)
  2. Dark City (Rated R)
  3. Pi: Faith in Chaos (Rated R)
  4. Other Halloween Movies

Cube (1997)

What would you do if one day you woke up alone in a bare room with no memory of how you got there or where you were at?  This movie finds a group of strangers in this exact scenario who eventually happen upon each other and try to work together to escape their strange and unusual prison.  Problem is, they are trapped inside a giant cube that has doors you can crawl through to get into other rooms, but beware, some rooms are booby trapped in a variety of disturbing ways that begin killing the characters off one by one.  Suffice it to say, some of the methods are as gruesome as they are genius. 

To add another dimension to the fun, the rooms move around within the cube, making it nearly impossible to figure out which room they’ve already been through.  As the characters work together to find a solution, they are simultaneously breaking each other down, making you wonder if maybe death is the best option for these strangers.  This movie will leave you shaking your head and not really sure if you want any of them to survive as they make their way to the one room that holds the key to their escape…or not.


Dark City (1998)

Dark City is a dark and disturbing tale of alien abduction, mind control, and testing the limits of the human condition.  A star-studded film starring Kiefer Sutherland, William Hurt, Jennifer Connelly, and Rufus Sewell, these characters are thrust into a sinister world that has them being treated like lab rats in a fabricated city of murder, mystery, and intrigue.  The frightening aliens who float about inside the corpses of dead men are so disturbing looking that you’ll have nightmares for days.  Of course, like any good sci-fi/horror movie, it focuses on the complexity, humanity, and frailty of man as he is faced with what it means to be human and how the power of love can either ruin us or save us.


Pi: Faith in Chaos (1998)

While not a horror movie at its core, this movie will really get you thinking about conspiracy theories, the strangeness of the universe, and how quickly madness can take you over.  Max, a math genius, tries to figure out how to cheat the stock market, but unwittingly stumbles upon what could be the meaning of life and the key to finding God himself. 

The film offers up an interesting mix of physics, religion, madness, and chaos and makes you wonder if there really is an order to the universe or if we’re all just as mad as Max may or may not have become.  Of course, there is a good bit of frightening imagery, particularly the drill to the head method of curing a headache scene, but the real horror comes as Max realizes he’s onto something bigger than all of us.  Or is he just insane?  You’ll have to decide.


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