Halloween Safety for Adults

Halloween can be fun for kids and adults alike, but it can also be dangerous if you’re not careful.  We usually think about the kids when we’re talking about Halloween safety, but adults need to be just as careful when it comes to celebrating the scariest night of the year!  Using simple common sense is easy to say, but we can sometimes forget ourselves when we’re getting into the Halloween spirit.  So, just try to keep these tips in mind so you and the kids can have a fun and exciting Halloween, rather than a dangerous one.

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Candle Safety: 

There’s nothing that gets you in the mood for Halloween more than a jack-o-lantern or two glowing brightly from the window or on the front porch.  Unfortunately, there’s nothing more dangerous either!  Burning candles unattended is never a good idea, but most people throw caution to the wind when it comes to lighting up a whole bunch of candles and placing them around the house or inside those carefully carved out Halloween pumpkins.  If you must use a real candle inside your Halloween jack-o-lantern, then just make sure that it is not going to come in any contact with anything flammable nearby, such as costumes, curtains, plants, or props.   Also, never leave the candles lit after you’ve gone to bed.  It might seem like a good idea to keep your scary Halloween pumpkin lit all night long, but you never know when a dog is going to knock it over any number of other things that could cause it to catch your house on fire.  There’s nothing scarier than a bunch of firemen pulling you out of your burning house on Halloween night!  So, blow out all those candles before you retire for the night.  The safest thing to do is to get battery powered pumpkin lights that flicker just like real candles do!

Pumpkin Safety: 

It should go without saying, but you really need to be very careful when you’re carving your Halloween pumpkin.  A bloody finger is a very scary prop to add to your Halloween decor, but you don’t want it to be from your own hand!  So, be especially careful when cutting out that pumpkin.  Make sure you use a sharp knife with a firm handle and always keep it pointed away from your body, any limbs, or anyone else who happens to be nearby.  Halloween pumpkins can get very slippery and the knife can easily slip out quicker than you can say Call 911!  There are pumpkin carving kits available now that come with carving tools that are more like saws than knives.  These actually work much better than a knife and they’re much safer because they grip onto the pumpkin better.

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Costume Safety: 

Dressing up for Halloween isn’t just for kids.  It’s just as much fun to dress up in a Halloween costume for the adults, but some basic safety tips need to be followed for you as well.  If you’re wearing a Halloween mask as part of your costume, make sure the eye, nose, mouth, and ear holes are wide enough so you can see, breathe, and hear properly.  Adults can get hit by oncoming traffic while crossing the street just as easily as kids can (plus it’s more embarrassing)!  Never drive a vehicle while wearing a Halloween mask.  Most Halloween masks obscure your peripheral vision to some extent and may even prevent you from turning your head properly, so place the mask on the passenger’s seat and put it on once you arrive at that fun Halloween party.  While you may think you look cool driving down the road in that Frankenstein mask, it won’t look so cool when you’re in the back of an ambulance, so be careful!

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