Halloween Crafts for Older Kids to Make

Halloween is fun for kids of all ages, so older kids will definitely enjoy making some of these Halloween Crafts.  These Halloween crafts are for kids who are past the construction paper, non-cut scissors, and popsicle stick crafting stages, but still want to create fun and easy-to-make Halloween crafts.  You and your older kids will really enjoy making these Halloween crafts together or with a group of their friends.


Halloween Christmas Ornaments

Tree trimming isn’t just for Christmas anymore!  You can create beautiful Halloween ornaments to hang from trees or just around the house.  Get some clear glass ornaments from the crafts store and craft paints.  Remove the tops of the ornaments and pour several drops of paint inside them.  You can use Halloween colors like orange, purple, yellow, green, or even black.  Swirl the paint around inside until the entire ornament is covered.  Poor any excess paint out of the top and let dry.  On the outside of your Halloween ornament, you can decorate it in contrasting colors with paint, glitter, beads, plastic spiders, or whatever else you come up with.  When everthing is dry, replace the top, add a ribbon, and hang your Halloween ornaments everywhere you want to add a little Halloween spirit!

Halloween Pumpkin Candle Holders

Get a variety of small or mini pumpkins and several different types of short and long taper style candles in Halloween colors.  Cut holes in the tops of the pumpkins large enough to hold the candles snugly.  Scoop out any pulp from inside the pumpkins and wash them.  Decorate the pumpkins using paint, glitter, or beads.  Get large stick or hat pins and slide beads, sequins, or foam shapes onto them and stick them all over the pumpkin to create a 3D Halloween effect.  You can also gather a bunch of the Halloween decorated pumpkins and put them on multi-leveled candle stands to create a fancy Halloween candelabra centerpiece.

Halloween Potato Print Foam Stamps

Get a variety of Halloween themed stencils to use as templates for your stamps.  You can also print out Halloween shapes from your computer and cut them out as well.  Trace your Halloween shapes onto a piece of cardboard to make the templates.  Use the templates to trace the shapes onto a piece of craft foam and then cut them out.  Now, get a small piece of wood and glue your foam shapes to the bottom.  Once the glue dries, you’re ready to decorate.  Using a foam brush, apply a thin layer of paint to the bottom of the stamp and use to make a fun Halloween T-shirt, Halloween greeting cards, or Halloween wrapping paper.  (Make sure you use fabric paints if stamping on fabric.)  You can also buy plain gift bags with handles to design and create your own Halloween trick-or-treat bags or use them for handing out goodies to your Halloween party guests.  The uses for these Halloween potato print foam stamps are practically endless!

Remember, Halloween crafts are for everyone, no matter what the age.  So, get those creative Halloween juices flowing and get decorating with these Halloween crafts for older kids and adults alike!