Halloween Decorations for Your Table

Whether you’re having a Halloween party for six or sixty, you’ll want your Halloween Table Decorations to really set the mood for the evening.  Anyone can go out and buy paper plates and plastic cups in Halloween colors, so why not really wow your party guests with some spooktacular Halloween table decorations?  They’re fun to make and really great conversation starters for your Halloween party guests.


Spooky Halloween Placemats

Start out by making some unique spider web placemats.  Get several large sheets of black crafting foam and cut them into the shape of a large spider web with approximately seven to nine pointed tips.  Then take white tube paint and trace out the web design onto the foam pieces.  Start from the center of the mat and draw a line out to each point.  Then, starting from the middle, connect the lines in a swooping manner, radiating out to the edges, just like a spider would.  Punch a tiny hole into one of the pointed tips with a small hole punch and pull a black string or yarn through it with a plastic spider attached to the other end.  The spider can dangle over the sides of the table into your guest’s laps as they eat.  Spooky Halloween surprise!  These can also be made smaller into coasters if you prefer.

Hypnotizing Halloween Utensils

Buy some inexpensive stainless-steel flatware and black polymer clay.  Flatten the clay out with your hands, a rolling pin, or a pasta machine to a thickness of ¼ inch.  Cut strips of clay the length of your flatware handles and wrap around the handles tightly, making sure to squeeze any air bubbles out.  You can form the clay into fun shapes or keep smooth, whatever you think looks best.  Now for the fun part, get a bag of flat-backed plastic doll eyes (they sell them at crafts stores) and push them into the clay along the handle.  This will create a very spooky looking Halloween effect.  Smooth out any seams or rough edges and secure the eyes with the clay so they stay in place.  Bake them according to the directions on the polymer clay.  If any of the eyes fall out, you can simply glue them back on.  These hypnotizing Halloween utensils will really have your guests coming back for seconds or more.

Individual Halloween Goblets

Let each guest know which glass of witches’ brew is theirs by decorating them in fun Halloween designs.  Buy some inexpensive footed stemware and several sheets of Halloween scrapbook paper in a variety of different designs.  Place the foot of the glass onto the paper and trace around it, then cut the circle out.  Brush decoupage medium onto the circle cutout and attach it face up to the bottom of the glass, making sure to smooth out any air bubbles.  Turn the glass upside down, brush more decoupage medium to the bottom of the circle, and let dry.  You’ll need to apply three or four more coats to get a good seal, so follow the decoupage directions.  You can then paint the stems with Halloween colors and designs.  Try painting black and orange stripes or dots around the stem or on top of the foot for a 3D effect.  You can also try painting spiders, pumpkins, or ghosts.  Your Halloween goblets will not only look good, they’ll serve as the perfect marker for each guest to know which glass is theirs.

These are just a few Halloween decorating ideas for your Halloween table to get your creative juices flowing.  You can take many of these ideas and apply them to other parts of your Halloween table.  Just make sure to not paint or glue any surface that might touch food or your guests’ lips.  Craft paints are water based and could flake off easily and nothing’s scarier on Halloween than ending up with a mouth full of orange paint!  Have fun, get creative, and be safe when decorating your next Halloween table.

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