Learn about Fog Machines

Fog machines can make your Halloween party, graveyard, or haunted house into something that everyone will remember for years to come.  There’s just something spooky about a thin layer of fog that causes strange shapes and scary shadows to appear that makes a Halloween night even more frightening than normal.  Knowing the basics of a fog machine and the different types of effects you can create will help you to make your next Halloween the best one yet.

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How do fog machine’s work anyway?  While they can create an awe-inspiring effect, how fog machines work is actually quite simple.  Water based fog fluids are the most commonly used ones in store bought fog machines.  These fluids are made from a water and glycol solution.  Fog fluid is placed in a tank which is then pushed through a heat exchanger using a high pressure pump.  The heat exchanger heats the fog fluid to a very high temperature very quickly, causing the fog fluid to instantly turn into a vapor which is then forced out of the fog machine through a nozzle.  As the vapor hits cooler air outside the fog machine, it becomes the opaque aerosol that we see as fog.  Because each fog machine requires a very specific temperature for the fog fluid it uses to vaporize, it’s very important to only use the recommended fluid for the machine you’re using.  Using a different brand of fog fluid or making your own can result in producing a wet fog that will leave behind a residue or a burning fog that can create toxic fumes.

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There are a variety of different attachments you can buy or make that will produce different fog effects from your fog machine.  A fog timer can be used to control your fog machine’s fog production.  You can use this to automatically set how often the fog machine shoots out its fog vapors and how long it will produce a stream of fog per interval.  This will allow you to free yourself from your fog machine duties so you can enjoy your scary Halloween creations instead.

If you’re more the malevolent type, you might want to purchase a remote control for your fog machine.  Placing the fog machine in a hidden spot along a walkway or path to your front door and blasting trick-or-treaters with a shot of fog as they walk by will scare just about any ghost or goblin.  By using the remote control you can wait for just the right moment to shoot Halloween trick-or-treaters with fog and watch as they run for cover.  The money you’ll save in giving out Halloween candy will be worth the investment in no time!  Just make sure you place the fog machine at least three feet away from any passing trick-or-treaters to prevent injury.

If you want to keep your fog lower to the ground, creating an eerie mist effect that lingers below your Halloween guests’ feet, you can buy or build a fog machine chiller.  When fog vapors are released from your fog machine, they are warm, causing the fog vapors to rise.  In order to keep the fog closer to the ground you need to cool the fog as it’s released from the fog machine.  This can easily be produced by buying or building your own fog chiller out of an ordinary ice chest and some plastic piping.  Forcing the fog fluid through a fog chiller will cool the vapors down as they’re being released from the fog machine, causing them to stay low to the ground rather than rising into the air.

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