Weird Ghost Stories

You might not want to read this page with the lights out. Here are some Weird Ghost Stories that will get you in the Halloween mood.

  Ghost Stories

WANDERING SOLES - Employees at a store in Cornwall, England, claim a ghost has taken up residence in the shop. And the ghost, they say, is obsessed with shoes. "I was standing at the counter," says a salesclerk named Helen Honey, "when the top shelf of the display began wobbling. Then a pair of deck shoes jumped off the shelf and landed next to each other. I ran out of the shop, screaming." Locals say the ghost is a former owner of the shop, a butcher, who died in the 1800s.

MOO! Residents of Culver, Oregon, have reported driving a winding section of Highway 97 at night and seeing phantom cows appear suddenly in front of them. The ghost cows have glowing green eyes, and the cars pass right through them. (Moo-ha-ha!)

SCARE-A-VISION - Tracey Taylor of Lower Ince, England, is convinced that her television is haunted. She took a picture of her two-year-old daughter Faith dusting the TV set, and when she got the photos developed', she noticed a mysterious "face" on the screen ... even though the set was off. It wasn't a reflection because there was nobody else in the room. Who was it? When Tracey showed the photo to Faith, the child said, "That's Ben."

POLTER-BARF - Indiana State University students report seeing a female ghost in their dormitory. What does it do? It throws up. According to folklore professor Nan McEntire, "Barfing Barb," as she's known, has been in the building for decades. Local legend says she's the spirit of a student who died after a night of drinking.

MEDIUM RARE - Ercy Cardoso of Viamao, Brazil, was shot and killed in 2003. His girlfriend, lara Barcelos, was charged with the crime but ultimately acquitted thanks to an unusual witness: a medium hired by Barcelos said Cardoso's ghost appeared to him and dictated two letters swearing to Barcelos's innocence. A spokesman for the court said the ghost's testimony was accepted as evidence because the prosecution never registered an objection.