Halloween Safety for Parties

Whether you’re throwing a Halloween party for the kids or a Halloween party for adults, a few basic Halloween safety tips should be followed to make sure everyone stays both entertained and safe.  Making your home safe for you and your Halloween guests should be your number one concern when planning a Halloween party, so taking a few minutes to think about safety will ensure everyone has a ghoulishly good time.

  Halloween Parties

Halloween Decorations: 

Creating a scary and spectacular ambience for your Halloween party can be fun and will set the mood for your guests.  However, you don’t want the mood to turn into tragedy, or worse, lawsuit!  So, make sure that all walkways and stairs remain free from props and clutter.  Since your Halloween guests will most likely be wearing cumbersome or flowing Halloween costumes, you want to make sure that nothing is going to get caught on or tripped over, causing your guests to fall.  No matter how good of friends you are, you never know what might happen once someone is injured in your home.  If you’re particularly worried about the threat of lawsuit at your Halloween party, you can call your homeowners insurance company and ask for temporary extra insurance for the night of the Halloween party.  While this may seem a bit extreme, it will be well worth it if someone hurts themselves tripping over a witches’ cauldron and wants to sue.

Fire Hazards: 

You’ll probably have a candle or two lit up in a Halloween pumpkin or around the house in order to create a spooky environment for your Halloween party, but just take some simple precautions to make sure those tiny little candles don’t turn into large fires.  Make sure candles are kept far enough away from mingling party guests so that they won’t accidentally bump into them or knock them over.  Guests in Halloween costumes, particularly those that may have had a little too much “goblin juice” may not be paying attention to how their Halloween costumes might be flowing.  Costumes can easily brush up against a candle and catch on fire, so just make sure there is no possibility of this happening by keeping candles above or well out of the way of your Halloween guests.

Food Safety: 

There are so many cool Halloween decorations out there that can make your Halloween treats and drinks look festive and frightening, but just keep in mind where these decorations are going to end up.  Putting little plastic spiders on cupcakes looks cool, but just make sure they are easily visible so they don’t accidentally get swallowed, especially if your Halloween guests are small children.  Kids will put just about anything in their mouths, so make sure they won’t be in the position to choke on small Halloween props or decorations.  Also be very careful when using dry ice in drinks and punch bowls.  While dry ice can create a very spooky Halloween effect, it can be very dangerous if the dry ice chips are actually ingested, so use extreme caution when using it with your favorite Halloween witches’ brew!