Have a Pirate-Themed Halloween Costume Party

With the great success of the Pirates of the Caribbean movies, pirates are all the rage these days. For children and adults alike, everyone loves to throw on a pair of boots, an eye patch, and a stuffed parrot, and shout Shiver me Timbers at the top of their lungs! What better time for such landlubbers to get their sea legs on than at a pirate-themed Halloween costume party! Itís the perfect Halloween party theme and can be loads of fun for any buccaneer who really wants to strike fear in the hearts of men and win a lassieís heart, if but for one night. So, gather together the booty below and get ready to have a scallywag of a good time at your next pirate Halloween party.

  Halloween Parties

The start to any good Halloween party really begins with the invitation.  The invitation is meant to set the tone for your Halloween party, so you’ll want to put a little effort into creating one that really pops and gets your guests excited about dressing up like pirates and getting into the mood.  Any pirate theme will do for your pirate Halloween invitation, such as a skull and crossbones, a pirate ship, a treasure chest, or a treasure map.  Get creative with your Halloween invitation, like putting your party address on a map with a big black X or create a ransom note telling your party guests to bring bags of silver and gold to rescue to a maiden. 

Making your Halloween party into a game, especially for kids, will get your guests actively involved before they even arrive.  You can buy paper that looks old and weathered or you can use regular white paper, tear the edges, crumple it up, and soak it in coffee or tea to make it look really authentic.  If you want to get creative, deliver your invitation in a bottle (or plastic water bottle) with the invitation rolled up inside to look like it just washed up on shore.  Add some sand and shells for added effect.

Your pirate Halloween party can be as simple or complex as you want it to be, however, there are some must-haves that need to be at any pirate Halloween party bash. Of course, you’ll want to set the scene to resemble a pirate ship, underwater sunken treasure, or even an old canteen on the docks.  Plenty of old suffering pirate souls should be lying about, even if they’re no longer among the living, so some pirate skeletons will really set the mood.  Dressed in pirate clothes and holding a sword or his last mug of grog would also be a nice touch.  A Treasure Chest filled with plenty of gold and jewels spilling out along with old wooden planks, portholes, sand, seashells, wooden barrels, ropes, rusty chains, dusty bottles of rum, old drooping webs, and a Jolly Roger Flag flag flying high will let your guests know that evil lurks in hearts of all men here!

As for the Halloween party costumes, you and your guests will need to dress up like pirates in black boots, sailor’s pants, ruffled shirts, big pirate hats or bandanas, eye patches, and perhaps a parrot or two for the shoulder.  Every pirate also needs a swashbuckling sword, a long-barreled pirate pistol , and a mug for the all important rum swilling.  Your female guests might choose to dress as a pirate's wench, complete with a leather corset, lace petticoats, bandana, sash, boots, and a jeweled choker.  Add to that a salty attitude and you’ll be knocking men overboard to visit Davey Jones’ Locker in no time.

So get ready to set sail and make your guests exclaim, “Shiver me timbers!” when they walk in and see how fabulous your pirate-themed Halloween costume party really is.  Ahoy mateys!