Halloween Crafts for Small Kids to Make

Kids love Halloween and kids love making crafts, so why not combine the two and make some Halloween Crafts together?  Whether you’re hosting a kids Halloween party or just hanging out with your own kids on a chilly autumn night, this easy-to-make Halloween crafts will thrill and excite your little monsters for hours!  Making Halloween crafts is a great way to get your kids to use their imaginations and have fun doing it.  All of these Halloween crafts would be great to create at any Halloween party where each child could make-and-take home.  So, gather the kids, get the glue, paints, and plenty of construction paper, and let’s make some fun Halloween crafts!


Ghost Napkins

Create cute little ghosts filled with candy for your party guests.  Simply take a white napkin and place a piece of candy in the center to shape its head (see picture above).  Tie a thin black or orange ribbon around the neck. Then take a black magic marker and create little ghost faces.  These ghosts are easy to make and fun to decorate with.  And, they are even more fun to unwrap and find the surprise candy inside later on.

Halloween Apple Cards

Make fun Halloween greeting cards using apples and paint!  Cut an apple in half from the stem to the base and tap onto a paper towel to soak up the juice.  Brush on a light coat of craft paint directly to the apple halves and press onto a piece of white construction paper.  The apple shape can then be decorated with paint or glued-on pieces of construction paper to create Halloween pumpkins, skeletons, witches, ghosts, cat faces, spiders, or whatever your child comes up with.  Glue the finished art onto a folded piece of construction paper to make into a Halloween greeting card.  Glue a white piece of construction paper inside and have the kids write Happy Halloween or draw Halloween pictures.  You can also use these apple impressions on small paper bags for the kids to create their own Halloween trick-or-treat bags!

Scary Halloween Spider Danglers

Get several foam balls of varying sizes, plastic jiggle eyes, black yarn, some long black chenille sticks, paint, brushes, and glue.  To make your scary Halloween spiders, have the kids paint their foam balls black or let them get creative with colored spots, stripes, or whatever they dream up.  Let dry and then insert 8 black chenille sticks into the sides of the foam ball and bend to look like dangling spider legs.  Glue on the jiggle eyes and a long piece of yarn at the top so they can hang them on the front door on Halloween night.  Kids can use different colored paints and chenille sticks to make some funky Halloween spiders too if they like!

Magical Halloween Wizards Wand

Conjuring up magical spells is all the rage these days, so let your little Halloween wizards create their own magic wands.  Get wooden dowels and have them cut to about 16 inches.  Either pre-paint them or have the kids paint them whatever color they want and let dry.  Using a star stencil or cookie cutter, trace out large star shapes on pieces of craft foam and have them ready for the kids to decorate with glitter, stickers, or paints.  Once the sticks are dry, the kids can decorate them as well with the glitter, stickers, or paints.  Once everything is dry, put some glue on the inside of each foam star, place the wooden dowel between them, and press all three pieces together.  Say abracadabra and your little Halloween wizards are off to create their magical Halloween spells.

These Halloween craft ideas should really put any kid into the Halloween spirit and get them using their imaginations.  They’re fun, easy to make, and will create hours of Halloween crafting excitement for you and the kids together.  Have a spirited good time!