Four Great Halloween Party Themes

Having a theme for your Halloween party is a great way to set the mood for your guests and to make it memorable for years to come.  Of course, anyone can put up ghosts and hang spider webs around the room, but to truly set your Halloween apart from the rest, try some of these strange and unusual Halloween party theme ideas to really wow your guests.

  Halloween Parties

Halloween Superstitions

Center your entire Halloween party on popular superstitions.  For instance, you can set up different props around the house that represent different types of superstitions and dare people to tempt the fates by performing the superstitious acts.  You can make it into a game and the guest who performs the most superstitious acts wins a prize.  For instance, prop a ladder up against a wall and ask people to walk under it.  Have shakers of salt on plates and ask your guests to spill some onto the plate without throwing a pinch over their shoulders.  Using a stuffed black cat, dare your guests to walk past it.  Take your guests outside and tempt them to step on a crack.  You get the idea.  It sounds simple, but you’ll probably be surprised to see how many people won’t be willing to do these seemingly mundane tasks.  Don’t forget to decorate the room with the number thirteen or even broken mirror pieces…but only if you dare!

Red and Black Halloween

For a more elegant party idea, rather than having your guests dress up in costumes, have them all show up in red party dresses and black suits or tuxedos even.  The red and black theme is very striking, especially if everyone participates and follows the dress code rules.  Use only red or black decorations, plates, invitations, foods, and drinks.  Replace your light bulbs with red ones to create an eerie reddish glow that will definitely creep everyone out as the look of red blood will seem to be everywhere.

Psychic Halloween

Hire one or more professional palm readers, psychics, tarot card readers, or astrologers to entertain your Halloween party guests for some enlightening and spooky fun.  This type of theme party will definitely give your Halloween party guests a lot to talk about as they take turns getting their futures told.  Decorate your psychic party with Ouiji boards, tarot cards, crystal balls, zodiac signs, stars, and other fortune telling paraphernalia.  You can give prizes like lottery tickets, Magic Eight Balls, rabbit’s feet, horoscope books, or playing cards.  You can even ask your party guests to dress up in gypsy costumes to really give your Halloween party that fortune telling feel.

Halloween Medical Mistakes

Decorate your Halloween party with medical charts, x-rays, and pictures of disturbing or gross looking medical problems, such as a blackened lung, a diseased heart, or broken bones.  Place medical tools around the party or on food trays, such as scalpels, stethoscopes, saws, Band-Aids, gauze, or medical charts, but drizzle fake blood on the items to create an eerie and disturbing look.  Make foods that look like body parts, such as amputated finger cookies, eyeballs, or Jello mold brains.  You can also get those giant medical jars, fill them with dirty water, and put plastic body parts or molded organs, all of which you can buy online.  If you really want to gross out your guests, you can go to the local butcher shop and buy actual animal parts, such as hearts, eyes, tongues, livers, and other items and place them in the jars.  Don’t forget to use glass beakers for drinks, test tubes for shots, and silver hospital trays for snacks.