Cool Zombie Movies

Zombie movies are the cornerstone of classic Halloween horror flicks.  With their moaning slow movements and insatiable appetite for brains, zombie movies are a must watch choice to enjoy some Halloween night fright.  There’s an old saying, “there’s no such thing as a bad zombie movie,” but these ones will definitely give you more “brains” for your buck!

  Zombie Movies

Cool Zombie Movies

  1. Shaun of the Dead (Rated R)
  2. 28 Days Later (Rated R)
  3. Dawn of the Dead (Rated R)
  4. Other Halloween Movies

Shaun of the Dead (2004)

Shaun of the Dead has plenty of clever wit, dry British humor, and blood curdling fright.  Shaun is a 30 year old loser who doesn’t seem to want or have the ability to do anything meaningful with his life.  All he really aspires to do is to play video games, hang out with his friends, and enjoy a few pints at the pub every night after work.  Everything starts to fall apart when Shaun’s girlfriend breaks up with him and he begins to notice that the neighbors are starting to look a bit listless.  It seems that people are starting to turn into zombies due to some strange virus, but nobody seems to notice until it’s too late.  As Shaun and his best friend try to rescue his girlfriend, mother, and anyone else they can find who hasn’t been infected, he finally seems to find the motivation he’s needed to succeed in life.  But will he stay alive long enough to reach his full potential?  This zombie movie is clever, funny, and has plenty of gore that will please any zombie junkie this Halloween season.


28 Days Later (2002)

This is one of the coolest and scariest zombie movies ever made.  Another British flick, it follows Jim, a man who wakes up from an apparent coma after 28 days, only to find that all of London is deserted.  As he tries to figure out what has happened to everyone, he finds that a deadly virus called the Rage has gotten out of control and killed or turned everyone into zombies.  These aren’t your daddy’s zombies either.  Rather than slowly shuffling their way towards you to eat your brains, these zombies are quick on their feet and charge after you at full and frightening speed.  Jim meets up with some unaffected survivors that have been hiding out in the city and they decide to make their way to the countryside where they’ve heard is a military outpost set up and waiting for survivors.  As they make their way out of the city there are some touching and poignant moments that really make you care about the characters and want them to survive.  Unfortunately, once they find their way to the military base, they have more to worry about than just zombies.  The movie takes a strange and disturbing turn at this point and, as you’ve probably already guessed, not everyone survives.  This is very cool movie that really sucks you in.  It’s also quite gory, perfect for Halloween fright!


Dawn of the Dead (2004)

To call this movie a remake of the 1979 George Romero zombie flick would be a mistake.  While it does have brain eating zombies and people from different walks of life trapped together trying to survive, that’s about all the two movies have in common.  Fortunately, both movies stand on their own as great flicks.  This latest version takes place in a shopping mall where a group of helpless strangers are trapped, waiting to be rescued from the massive gang of zombies that is gathered outside wanting nothing more than to eat their brains.  There’s the usual bickering between the characters of who should be in charge, a daring plan for escape, and the typical killing off of characters as they manage to get themselves infected one way or another.  The thing that makes this movie awesome though is the juxtaposition of humor and horror.  Some of the funniest scenes take place on the roof of the shopping mall as the survivors try to pass the time through a variety of activities as they wait for help.  This movie is shot well, has a good plot, and a kick ass soundtrack that will leave you wanting more.  No Halloween should be without zombies and this movie provides some of the best


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