Find Real Haunted Houses

Everybody loves Haunted Houses. If you love Halloween, then you love to be scared and if you love to be scared, then you’ll love visiting some of the country’s most haunted and most famous places this coming Halloween.  Whether you’re planning to visit these locations for Halloween or Spring Break, you’re certain to have a spooktacularly good and scary time.  Below you’ll find a list of just a few of the most haunted locations around, but there are haunted houses all over the country.  Check out this site for a list of haunted houses in your state.

  Ghost Stories

California has a very spooky and haunted history.  The Whaley House in San Diego is thought by many to be one of the most haunted houses in America.  It is said to be haunted by the original owners of the house, their children, and an executed man.  Ghostly apparitions of these dearly departed inhabitants have been seen regularly where they appear to be performing their daily chores, seemingly unaware that they are no longer amongst the living.  Alcatraz Prison in San Francisco is spooky enough just as it is, but it is also thought to be haunted by the ghosts of former prisoners who don’t seem to realize they’ve been paroled.  Disembodied voices, apparitions, clanging, screaming, footsteps, and cold spots have all been reported by visitors to the prison.

In Colorado you can stay at the Stanley Hotel, which is better known as the place where Stephen King wrote and centered the story of, The Shining, one of the scariest books ever.  Built in the early 1900s, this hotel has an old time feel to it that makes it especially creepy at night.  Stephen King actually stayed in room 217 while he wrote the first half of his book.  While the story in the book is completely fictional, the hotel is said to host some real ghosts of its own.  The original owners of the hotel are thought to still be walking the grounds.  Mr. Stanley is often seen hanging around the Billiard room and Mrs. Stanley is regularly heard playing her piano late at night.  The fourth floor of the hotel is said to be haunted by several former servants of the hotel.  Spirits are heard walking down the hall and children are heard playing, even when there isn’t a single child checked into the hotel.  Room 418 seems to be particularly haunted for some unknown reason.

Savannah, Georgia is thought to be one of the most haunted cities in the United States due to its rich civil war and antebellum history.  One of the most haunted locations in the city is the “17 Hundred 90” Restaurant and Inn.  You can stay overnight in this haunted house and see for yourself the spine tingling activities that go on there.  The hotel is known to be haunted by Anne Powell, a pregnant teenage girl who committed suicide in the home.  There is an evil ghost who inhabits the basement and is said to be that of a voodoo worshipping servant, as well as a merchant marine who once owned the home and doesn’t seem to realize he has passed.  The ghosts have been known to fool with guests by laying out their packed clothes, moving personal items, flicking lights, turning on alarm clocks in the middle of the night, and tugging the covers off the beds.

In Louisville, Kentucky, you can take a tour of Waverly Hills Sanitarium, a notorious hospital which housed thousands of people dying from tuberculosis (TB) in the early 1900s.  During the height of the TB crisis, nearly 60,000 died of the disease in this rundown and disturbing hospital.  This is thought to be one of the most haunted locations in the world due to its large number of deaths and unpleasant happenings that occurred here over the decades.  Apparitions and shadow people are said to be seen on a regular basis walking down the hallways and in the various rooms.  Several young children are thought to be trapped here who mess with visitors by rolling toy balls across the floor.  People have felt invisible hands touch, poke, and push them.  While the hospital is no longer in use, it is being renovated and daily ghost tours are given to those brave enough to enter.