Halloween Party Ideas for Kids

A Kids Halloween Party just isn’t complete without some fun Halloween party games.  Whether you’re entertaining five or twenty-five kids, these Halloween party games will keep your little ghosts and goblins plenty entertained until the witching hour.  Planning fun Halloween party games for children is fairly simple.  Anything that keeps them moving, laughing, and entertained is usually best.  Of course, making sure these Halloween party games are age appropriate is probably the most important thing to consider when planning them.

  Halloween Parties

Having a Halloween Candy Hunt will be fun for younger children.  Buy some Halloween treat bags or small plastic pumpkins and fill them with Halloween candy, toys, or even money.  Give the kids a trick-or-treat bag and let them search for hidden Halloween prizes outside or inside.  You can set a time limit and the child who finds the most Halloween prizes in that time wins a bigger grand prize.

A Scary Fishing Competition is a great Halloween party game.  Create some simple fishing poles with a stick and some string and attach a wad of tape with store bought spiders web wrapped around it in a big ball.  Place a bunch of plastic spiders on the floor and some sort of barrier to keep all the kids at equal distance from the “spider pond.”  Each child takes turns tossing the fishing pole at the spiders and trying to catch them on the wadding of web at the end of the string.  For older children you can attach a rubber mouse to the end of the fishing pole and place some mousetraps on the floor.  The kids toss the rubber mouse at the traps and try to get them trapped.  Keep the kids far enough away from the mousetraps so no one gets hurt.

Halloween Piñatas are especially fun at Halloween parties.  You can make your own spider piñata out of a brown paper craft ball that you can buy at any craft store along with some black paint, raffia, and yarn.  Cut a hole into the craft ball big enough to put the Halloween candy inside and recover the hole with some tape.  Punch two small holes into the top of the ball to fish a string through to use as a hanger.  Cut multiple strands of yarn about two feet in length and fold them in half.  Tie the ends together with another piece of string and about every three inches along the length of the strand.  Make eight of these and hot-glue them to the sides of the craft ball to make legs.  Paint the ball black and glue black raffia all over it to make it look furry.  You can also attach eyes and a mouth if you like.  Hang the spider and let the kids take turns swinging at the piñata with a broomstick while blindfolded.

Guessing a Pumpkin’s Weight or how many black jelly beans are in a jar are great Halloween party ideas.  Have slips of paper with the guests names preprinted on them, pencils, and a plastic pumpkin bucket to collect the guesses in.  The kids make their best guess and whoever comes closest wins the pumpkin or the jelly bean jar as the prize.  Of course, make sure you know what the answer is before your Halloween party guests arrive.

The Calderon Toss is another great Halloween party game is .  Buy several plastic caldrons (or plastic pumpkin heads) and mark each one with a different number (1, 2, 3…).  Place the lower numbered caldrons up front and the higher numbered caldrons in the back or on platforms made from bales of hay.  Give each kid different types of spooky items to toss into the caldrons, such as plastic spiders, rats, snakes, eyeballs, bones, or severed fingers and have them toss them one at a time at the caldrons.  Whoever gets the highest number of points wins.