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Brilliant Halloween Ideas, Projects, and Articles to Inspire Your Halloween Spirit!

Costume Reviews, Ideas and Articles
The Internet has made shopping faster and given the buyer many more choices. This is especially try for costumes with several costume “super-stores” offering thousands of different costumes.  So how do you choose which costume store is right for you? Here are some articles to give you costume ideas and to rate costume vendors.
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Pumpkin Carving, Recipes, Free Stencils

It’s Halloween time, and that means pumpkin carving time. Carving a pumpkin is the main event for young and old alike.  Here are some articles on pumpkin carving, pumpkin recipes, free pumpkin carving stencils, and other fun pumpkin facts and activities.

Also use our free Jack-O'-Lantern designer that lets you create your own face online and print it out. Click Here for our Pumpkin Designer.

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Halloween Party Ideas

Halloween parties are fun for both kids and adults. Plan your Halloween party early to make it a big success. Here is a group of articles to help you plan your party.

There are ideas for party themes for both kids and adults. You'll also find tips and tricks on making your party successful. And even recipes for Halloween party food.

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Decorations and Props
Buying online can save you both time and money. This is just as true when shopping for Halloween decorations. You can browse thousands of props and decorations in just minutes without having spend all afternoon driving to multiple brick and mortar stores. Here are some articles to help you make your purchasing decision.
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Halloween Movies
A great way to get in the Halloween mode is to watch your favorite scary movies. Here you will find articles that list movies for all tastes. There are lists for small children, tweens, and lists of the scaries movies ever made. There are classic horror movies, zombie movies, ghost movies, a much more.
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Halloween Pet Costumes
Do you look for any occasion to dress your precious little puppies up in adorable little Dog Costumes?  Well, than Halloween is just the holiday for you!  It’s true, there’s nothing cuter than a dachshund dressed up as a little red devil, so let’s look at some of the many Halloween dog costumes that are available for you and your little pooch to enjoy.
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Design your own Jack-O'Lantern with our Pumpkin Designer. Choose from many different face features and then print it out and use as a carving stencil. Or, just hang it up for a spooky Halloween Decoration.

Click Here for the Pumpkin Designer

Thousands of Scary Witches are headed out to ruin Halloween. Your job is to stop them. If you do there is a special prize.

Click Here for the Witch Game

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Halloween News

ScaryProducts Launches in time for the greatest Holiday Celebration of the year.

Americans will spend an estimated $4.96 billion on candy, costumes, decorations and other Halloween related products.

A survey conducted by BI-Research shows that nearly 60% of consumers planned to buy a Halloween costume this year.