DIY Halloween Crafts and Projects

Here is a collection of Halloween crafts and projects to make your Halloween more enjoyable.

  Articles about Halloween Projects

Creating a Haunted House - This article describes how to create the various scares inside a haunted house.

How To Create a Scary Halloween Graveyard - Thereís just something about an old and creepy graveyard that sends chills up the spine of even the toughest, manliest of men.†Perhaps itís how the aging tombstones start to lean and crack over time, or the overgrowth of vegetation that never seems to turn green, or maybe itís just all those dead people!†

Halloween Crafts for Small Kids to Make - Kids love Halloween and kids love making crafts, so why not combine the two and make some Halloween crafts together?†

Halloween Crafts for Older Kids to Make - Halloween is fun for kids of all ages, so older kids will definitely enjoy making some of these Halloween crafts.  These Halloween crafts are for kids who are past the construction paper, non-cut scissors, and popsicle stick crafting stages, but still want to create fun and easy-to-make Halloween crafts.

How to Make Halloween Tombstone Setup Fast and Easy - Tombstones are the mainstay of any outdoor Halloween display. Setting up your display shouldn't take a lot of time. This article shows how to make them quick and easy to set up and take down.