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Everybody loves watching scary movies. Well - not everybody. But they do appeal to a lot of adrenaline-adicted movie watchers. Watching Halloween movies is a great way to get into the Halloween spirit. There is such a broad range of "scariness" that there should be a Halloween movie for everyone - from small kids to thick-skinned adults. Here are some lists of movies to suit just about any taste - from small kids to hardcore horror fans. There is also a list of classic television shows with a horror theme.

  Articles about Scary Movies

The 13 Scariest Movies - Everybody has their own favorite scary movie, and there is no definitive list. But here is a selection of movies that seem to be on everyone's list.

Classic Horror Movies - Whether you like old school monster movies, a psychological thriller, or have a taste for gore, you’ll enjoy watching these classic horror flicks on Halloween night because fright never gets old.

Five Halloween Movies for Small Kids - Here are a bunch of great Halloween themed movies that will put your smaller children in the mood for trick-or-treating without frightening them too much!

Halloween Movies for Tweens - These Halloween movies should be appropriate and enjoyable for most children between the ages of 7 and 12. 

Scary Television Shows - If you’re a Halloween, horror, or sci-fi fanatic then your DVD collection just isn’t complete without these spooky and scary series that will never cease to entertain and frighten you at the same time.

Scary Zombie Movies - Zombie movies are the cornerstone of classic Halloween horror flicks.  With their moaning slow movements and insatiable appetite for brains, zombie movies are a must watch choice to enjoy some Halloween night fright.

Three Disturbing Halloween Movies - These films will scare, entertain, and affect you more deeply than you thought was possible, so get the popcorn and curl up for a disturbing night of frightening Halloween fun and fantasy.

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